How to choose a wheel size

When it comes to the wheels on your vehicle, of course. While upgrading wheel size can improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle, adjusting wheel size without considering certain details can cause your speedometer to malfunction, damage your vehicle, and endanger your safety.

To avoid speedometer errors, your new wheels should be within 3% of the original wheel height. If this criterion is not met, the vehicle will travel farther before your wheels are fully rotated, causing an error message to enter your computer. Without the correct information, your car may not respond well to warnings and emergencies. Not only will it mess up your speedometer, but it will also damage your ABS and stability system calibrations.


One way to avoid these inaccuracies when adding larger rims to your vehicle is to compensate by lowering the tire height. This is why most cars with larger rims have a thinner outer rubber band than regular tires. Conversely, if your wheels are smaller than the original, consider compensating with a larger tire height. It's always a good idea to discuss these upgrades with a trusted mechanic before changing wheels.

Safety issues must also be considered when changing wheel sizes. The wider the tire, the more grip your vehicle has on the road because it covers more surface. This gives your vehicle more grip, improving handling and maneuverability. It’s also important to note that tires with short sidewalls are harder and more prone to blowouts. You also need to try the same brand when upgrading your tires. Different brands of tire tread patterns can cause slippage and loss of control.

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Post time: Nov-05-2022